Why should I eat Organic?

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Why should I eat Organic Food?

You should eat organic food, quite simply, because it contains no pesticides or hormones, it is better for a healthy diet, and it is better for the environment.

Why should I Eat Organic FoodLet me tell you an interesting fact.

On average, the people in Honolulu live, 12 years longer than the people in Washington DC in the United States.

They do not exercise more than people in Washington DC. They do not take more vitamin supplements than people in Washington DC. The only difference in their lifestyle is that they follow a healthy diet, and eat organic food. Now, science is not perfect. Scientists do not always have the exact answers to everything. Let us suppose they are wrong, and people in Honolulu do not live 12 years longer on average, but just three years.

Imagine you had three years added to your life: three years in which you could do anything. Learn a new skill, like playing the piano, or dancing, or writing poetry, or learning a new language, or spending time with your children. Only because you eat organic food, and follow a healthy diet. Isn’t it be worth it?

Fact you should know about Organic Food

The fact is, organic food does not contain pesticides or hormones. Above all, pesticides and hormones do not break down when they are digested. They remain in your body, and you can pass them down to your children through your breast milk. Science has proven that organic food does not leave anything in your body except healthy nutrients that your body can use.

What is more, a healthy diet consisting of organic foods is not only good for you, it is good for the environment. As pesticides spread to surrounding crops, and kill the animal life that is supported by plants. Hormones and antibiotics in animals are bad for the animals, and bad for you. A healthy diet of organic food means the hormones do not enter your body, and you do not develop resistance to antibiotics. And organic food does not have to be very costly. It is surprising that healthy diet is not very expensive.

Let us start living an Organic Lifestyle because this is how our forefathers used to live. Buy Organic Foods online.

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