Organic vs Non-Organic Food Study

Why Eat Organic Food?

Organic food is better for you because it does not contain pesticides or artificial hormones. It might be a little bit more expensive to follow an organic lifestyle. But it is possible to keep costs down and you will be amply repaid by enjoying a healthier, longer life. It entails eating less non-organic food.

Switching to organic vegetables, fruits, meat and cereals – and cooked food made from organic ingredients – would provide us with additional antioxidant which is equivalent to eating 1-2 extra portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

Eat-Organic-food-not non-organic foodOrganic Food is little costlier but more healthier

If organic food is healthier for you, why is it easier and cheaper to buy non-organic food? The reason for this is because it is easier for large-scale farmers to treat their crops with pesticides than to practice organic farming methods. Many large-scale farmers invest in a single product, like wheat, and grow it on a massive scale. You won’t find any other crops in a big commercial wheat-field. This upsets the balance of nature. Over millions of years, living organisms have developed a balance. If there are pests, there will be predators who eat them. The more predators there are, the fewer pests you will find. But if you grow only a single crop, the variety of animal life sustained by the environment declines. The predators disappear, and the crop becomes more vulnerable to pests.

Non-organic farmers treat the pests with pesticides, which often kills not only the pests, but other forms of life that play a part in the balance of nature. To run a farm that produces organic food is more labor intensive. You need to grow different crops together, and pay daily attention to pest control. When problems develop, you need to come up with creative solutions. To produce organic food requires more work, but it means that you are growing healthier organic food, and you are not upsetting the natural harmony of the environment.

Say-no-to-non-organic foodNon-Organic Food: Using Artificial Hormones and its side effects

Non-organic meat farmers tend to treat their animals with artificial hormones and antibiotics to prevent illnesses that occur when animals are kept in close confinement. This process is done to make the animals grow bigger. But the hormones that they use for the animals stay behind in the meat, and enter your body when you eat this non-organic food. This can have serious effects on your health. These are the reasons people are becoming resistant to treatment with antibiotics. To keep animals healthy without hormones and antibiotics takes more work, and it means treating animals with more kindness.

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    Read your post. I do have a question. What about making your own organic dish soap? Have you ever tried that? I’m looking for something that cleans really well but isn’t expensive to make. I think this is something you can answer. 🙂

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