Our products are a reflection of our mission. Our products are the best of the organic world. With no compromises on quality, we provide delicious, affordable, healthy and allergen free food solutions for every meal, snack and craving of the day. From raw material to final products, we have in mind the special needs of allergic people.
Our product categories cover Gluten free breads, gluten free cakes and muffins, gluten free cereals and spreads, pulses, beans and grains, whole wheat pasta and gluten free pasta, sauces and dips, dry nuts and fruits, oil, coconut products as well as our wheat flour and organic gluten free flour mixes.
Our most recently developed product line is a full snacking solution that suits a healthy gluten free and sugar free diets. This snacking solution ranges from peanut butter bars, date bars, oat cookies, trail mixes and crackers.