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What is Organic Super Grain Quinoa?

Organic Quinoa has claimed an essential place in the world of nutrition because of its immense nutritional and health benefits. When compared with other types of grain, organic super grain quinoa is a better nutrition source and there are various types of quinoa you can choose from. At Siha & Afia International, it is considered to be one of our top selling products, and we are always looking to diversify the forms of quinoa we provide to our customers.

Organic quinoa is a natural super seed and has been cultivated for thousands of years in South America’s Andean region. Quinoa dates back to over 4,000 years ago, and the Incas were the first to realize its importance for human consumption.

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Quinoa – The Mother Grain

Organic Quinoa is known to be the ‘’Mother Grain’’ because of its significant nutritional benefits. Not only does it taste great, but it is easy to prepare and can be prepared in different ways. Organic quinoa can be used as a simple dish, with a salad, in puddings, and even in savoury soups.

At Siha & Afia International, we provide high-quality organic quinoa from Bolivia. Bolivian quinoa is known to be healthiest and most nutritious type of quinoa. We follow a holistic approach through our direct work with farms in Bolivia through a mix of environmental and financial support. This way, we ensure that we provide our customers with natural and nutritious quinoa and providing these farmers with the recognition and support they deserve.

Origin of Bolivian Organic Quinoa

Organic Quinoa from Bolivia

In the remote Southern Bolivia Andes mountains, organic quinoa is harvested by family-owned farms. These farmers have been cultivating and using traditional techniques on the same land for generations.

Organic Bolivian quinoa enjoys natural land attributes consisting of cold climate and high-quality soil, native to the desert region where these farms are located. They mainly depend on rainfall and lamas to provide organic fertilizers (known as lama dungs) for soil preparation and enrichment. During the process of harvest, farmers draw on the knowledge of their ancestors and own expertise to choose the right time of harvest, along with environmentally friendly techniques while harvesting the crops.

The quinoa plant is known for its broad-leafed that can grow up to three and nine feet tall. The quinoa plant tips can grow to be of different colour variations which are White Quinoa, Black Quinoa, Red Quinoa, Tricolor Quinoa.

This is the perfect option for those of you looking for alternatives to meat protein, wheat or other types of grain. Our Organic super grain quinoa is easy to prepare and super versatile as there are four types of quinoa you can choose from.

Types of organic quinoa

three color quinoa-buy organic quinoa online

At Siha & Afia, we sell four types of Bolivian quinoa (White Quinoa, Red Quinoa, Black Quinoa and Tricolor Quinoa). All of them have vital nutrition and health benefits but differ based on the type of meal you want to prepare and the overall look you’re going for with your meal.

  • White Quinoa – White quinoa has a sweet and subtle flavour, and is similar to white rice. Unlike rice, quinoa possesses a fruitier flavour.
  • Red Quinoa – Red quinoa is similar to white quinoa, as in they have the same nutritional value as each other. What makes it unique is its enticing colour. It looks beautiful alongside green vegetables and salads. Red quinoa maintains the nine essential amino acids but adds a more colourful visual appearance in food.
  • Black Quinoa -Organic black quinoa is known to be sweeter than the other varieties and has a beautiful black colour that looks great in various recipes. It consists of protein, fibre, iron, and antioxidants same as the other quinoa recipes. Try it in a salad with vegetables, or serve it in soups. Black quinoa accompanies salmon dishes handsomely.
  • Tricolour Quinoa – Our tricolour quinoa consists of all the three quinoa varieties (white, red, and black. This is the primary choice for quinoa lovers that don’t want to go for one type of the super grain but instead prefer to have a fiesta of colours. Tricolour quinoa is excellent when paired with bell peppers or tomatoes. Quinoa Tricolour can replace meat in veggie burgers. Tricolour quinoa adds life to any of your meals.

More about Organic Quinoa

meadows organic quinoa

The quinoa plant grows better in cooler temperatures and can handle mild frost to some extent. However, due to its quick germination, Quinoa needs a harvest that is dry yet rich. It’s part of what is known as the goosefoot family, where its leaves can be eaten like celery or spinach, but its seeds are used in the same way as grains. Also, quinoa grows in poor soil conditions without the need of any fertilizers or irrigation. This is the main reason why the UN has called it a ‘’super crop’’ as they believe it can go a long way to cure world hunger.

Benefits of Organic Quinoa

Organic quinoa has various essential benefits, and this is why it is one of our top sellers at Siha & Afia International.

  • Protein-rich food

It is one of the most protein-rich foods we can consume as an alternative to animal protein. It holds within of all the proteins our body needs, consisting of all nine essential amino acids. Quinoa has twice the amount of fibre compared to other grains. Fibre is mainly used to relieve constipation and help in preventing heart diseases by decreasing high blood pressure, diabetes, and other health issues. Also, fibre lowers levels of cholesterol and glucose, reduces the risk of haemorrhoids, and helps in weight loss because it takes more time to absorb calories from food relative to other foods. This will enable you to feel full for a longer time and gain health benefits as well.

  • Consists of iron

Organic Quinoa consists of iron as well. Iron helps maintain our red blood cells healthy and by enhancing haemoglobin formation. Iron transports oxygen across cells and supplies oxygen to our muscles to assist in their contraction. This increases brain functions because the brain needs 20% of our overall blood oxygen. Also, iron improves neurotransmitter synthesis, body temperature regulations, enzyme activity and metabolism.

  • Consist of lysine and magnesium

Organic Quinoa consists of lysine, and which is essential for the growth and repair of tissues. Besides, quinoa consists of magnesium which helps in relaxing blood vessels thus reducing migraines and enhancing quality sleep. Magnesium reduces the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes by promoting effective blood sugar control. Other advantages of magnesium include nerve impulses transmission, regulation of body temperature, production of energy, and healthy bones formation. Magnesium is highly beneficial for bone strength and the nervous system.

  • Enhances energy metabolism

Other health benefits of Quinoa include Riboflavin that improves energy in brain metabolism and muscle cells. Riboflavin is known to help in creating proper cell energy production. Also, it consists of high manganese content. Manganese is an important antioxidant, which assists in preventing mitochondria damage during energy protection and to protect red blood cells. It also protects other cells from free radicals’, energy which gives you more energy and reduces your risk of getting sick.

Therefore, having a quinoa diet will lead to many health and nutritional benefits to you, your friends, and family.

  • Consists of Quercetin and Kaempferol

Organic Quinoa consists of flavonoids, which has numerous health benefits. Two of the most nutritious flavonoids, which are quercetin and kaempferol that can be found in quinoa. Research shows that quinoa has a higher quercetin content than other popular foods such as cranberries. These essential molecules are known to have anti-inflammatory properties along with anti-cancer and anti-depressant impacts. This is why many people with IBS use it regularly in their diet.

  • Gluten-free, perfect for gluten intolerance

The number of people who are developing gluten intolerance has been increasing. Issues arise even more when people consume gluten-free foods that consist of refined starches. Quinoa is naturally gluten-free. This is why quinoa is mainly used by individuals who suffer from gluten intolerance. It serves as a replacement in savoury and in desert delicacies.

organic quinoa redResearchers are now examining quinoa as an appropriate ingredient in diets that are gluten-free for individuals who don’t want to have a boring variety.

Therefore, seeking a quinoa rich diet will lead to many health benefits to you, your friends, and family. Your body will also get all the essential nutrients it needs that you might not be getting from other types of food especially if you are avoiding allergy-related foods or just chose to walk the vegan path. This is important to understand because the food you consume has many impacts on your body, mind, and overall daily life.

Ways of serving Organic Quinoa in different dishes

There are many quinoa recipes you can follow and choose quinoa - White

Here are some tips that will improve the preparing and cooking process: –

  • A quick rinse always helps – Quinoa grows with a protective coating known as saponin. Even though the quinoa you purchase from us is already pre-rinsed and clean, another rinse won’t hurt.


  • Toast to enhance the flavour – Bring out the nutty side of quinoa with a fast frying pan toast. Rule of order is that for everyone and a half cups of quinoa, heat one neutral oil tablespoon of neutral oil, like canola, in a pan on medium-low heat. Remember to watch the process. Stir constantly to prevent it from burning. Wait for that golden moment, usually takes about six and eight minutes, and then remove it from the pan.


  • Mix it with other liquids – Water is quinoa’s best friend, but other liquids like mushroom and vegetable broth enhance as well. Just make sure you keep the ratio to two cups liquid to one cup of quinoa.


  •  Watch the time – One of the benefits of quinoa is because it cooks quickly. Package directions advice to stir the content until it comes to a boil. After the contents come to a boil, mix the quinoa and your desired recipe and turn the heat to low, cover the lid so the liquid would get absorbed. You can tell the quinoa is ready after it will look like it has popped open.


Examples of recipes you can use:

Organic Vegetarian Quinoa Salad

Vegetable Quinoa Salad

  • Put the quinoa in a strainer and then wash it with cold water. Add the quinoa in a colander and sieve, and then wash it with cold water.
  • Place it in a bowl and pour one and a half cups of water.
  • You can either boil or microwave this, but the minimum time should be nine minutes. The quinoa has to be tender enough so it can be edible. Remove and place them in a bowl.
  • In a separate bowl, cut carrots, cucumber, snap peas, raisins, chopped parsley, and sunflower seeds.
  • Add olive oil, balsamic vinegar or regular vinegar, and then add salt and pepper.

Organic Quinoa tabbouleh with feta

Quinoa tabbouleh with feta- one of our favourite recipes!

  • Pour two cups of water in a pan and then add the quinoa to it. Boil it for 15 minutes until the quinoa becomes tender and open.
  • Drain the mix and put it into a bowl. Add lime, oil, and one a half teaspoon of the salt to the mix.
  • In a separate bowl, add scallions, cucumber, tomatoes, and parsley. Pomegranate and Mint can be added as well if you like it.
  • Add the quinoa to it and mix it very well. Carefully add in the feta and mix all together.
  • Serve at room temperature or place it in a fridge if you prefer cold salads.

The best thing about these recipes is that you can prepare them by following the steps or customize them the way you like. Most of them won’t take more than 20 minutes to prepare, and you can eat these meals alone or use them as side dishes. Many people might ask themselves where can I buy quinoa, and this is why we have made the process as comfortable as possible.

Our quinoa buy online process is simple and straightforward. A list of all the quinoa products we sell can be found here – Buy Quinoa Online

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will be glad to help you with any questions or inquiries you have.